Ride & Unwind: The great RESET

September 18, 10:00-11:15am


Class Type: Live at Studio

spin + yoga

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Registration deadline: 09/17/2022 at 9:00 pm

Ride and Unwind is back on schedule. RESET – be where you are , change what you want. And breathe.

Aina will boost your heart rate and endorphins with 35 minutes of indoor cycling, energetically timed to the beat of the music. Break a sweat and find a source of empowering, kinetic energy before channeling it into Datza’s yoga flow.

Datza will guide you through a rejuvenating and healing vinyasa flow to help you feel rooted in your sense of center while cultivating spaciousness within. Alternating between dynamic movement and stillness, you will focus your energy to find peace, of body and in mind.



We will meet at The Ride Studio (112 E Lynn Street) and finish up the practice at Datza Studios (2201 Eastlake ave E, suite B) rooftop overlooking spectacular views of Seattle (in case of rain or low temperatures,  class will take place in studio). Complimentary beverages after the session.

15 spots available for this special event!

Investment in You: $37 in advance, $45 day-of, $25 members only pricing (those who are on monthly auto pay or 1 year pre paid plan)