About Datza Yoga Studio



At Datza Studio, we honor and study the wisdom of the ancients while making it relevant to you in the evolving world. Our beautiful studio space in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood is an ideal venue for the variety of classes we offer both in-person and online. Our teachers have a variety of backgrounds and styles, which ensures that we can meet you at your level and support your growth.

  • Welcoming, friendly environment
  • Stunning studio space
  • Classes catering for all: from beginners to advanced practitioners
  • Different length classes (30, 45, 60 & 75 min) to meet your schedule
  • Guided meditation
  • Unique classes and events
  • You can come and stretch or burn
  • Livestream, restream, on demand library, in person

Meet Our Founder

Datza Tamane

Datza is the creator and visionary for Datza Yoga Studio, which has been based in Eastlake, Seattle since 2018.

For Datza, yoga is a lifelong journey of understanding and appreciating your beautiful body.

Heralding from Riga, Latvia where from an early age traditional music, dance and sports was a part of everyday life, Datza discovered the joy of using her body to create movement and expression. Datza became captivated with yoga as she felt true self-reflection, personal development and empowerment can be possible through grounded and inclusive practice.

To understand the principles of yoga, Datza has completed a number of well-renowned local and international trainings with highly thought of and recognized Yogis such as Kathleen Hunt and Steve Davis. These trainings include:

200 RYT w/ Samadhi Yoga

300 RYT w/ Aligned Yoga

Living Yoga Course w/ Ellen Rose

Mentoring Course w/ Raphan Kebe

Anatomy of Emotions w/ Janet Stone Yoga School

5 Elements: Yoga & Ayurveda w/ Janet Stone Yoga School

Essential Mentorship w/ Elena Brower ( 2022- …)

Imbedding her lifelong adoration for dance, Datza has taught at music festivals across Europe and the USA as well as teaching mindfulness and yoga to children.

Now after more than fifteen years of practicing as both a student and teacher, Datza seeks to inspire and challenge herself and others through practices which suit a variety of different styles and levels.

Datza strives for all her students to honor their space, the time they carve out for their practice as in the busy, modern world that we live in, which is why Datza yoga Studio and classes are a calming, reflecting place for all.

Coming together in Seattle, Datza has created a place where we can all grow, flow and vibe as one. She believes that yoga, at its very core, isnt just about the fundamentals of the exercise itself, but about taking all of the nuanced principles one learns in class and applying them to ones everyday life.

Meet Your Instructors

Richard loves fly-fishing, but hates catching fish. (Just as well, really ...)

Richard Spry

Jaime is a registered dietician/nutritionist, yoga instructor, acrobat, choreographer, and dancer.

Jaime Waliczek

Michele was born and raised in upstate NY, and made her way West with her husband 16 years ago. She loves adventuring in nature, collecting rocks, and is easily entertained by hummingbirds.

Michelle Trump

Emily is a movement artist that has studied dance, acrobatics, and aerial arts. During the day, she walks dogs and loves being outside. She also has a pet snake named Eden.

Emily Rose

Isha was born in India and raised in Dubai and combines these two worlds into her essence of being. Apart from being passionate about the art and lineage of yoga, she spends her time designing buildings and enjoying coffee!

Isha Mishra

In Kandace’s world, spontaneous dance parties are a must, and she firmly believes animals are the best judge of character. She gracefully juggles life’s adventures with her furry joy-makers, Brody and Athena by her side.

Kandace Sylvester

Born and raised in Seattle, Molly is inspired by the outdoors, and cultivates a deep sense of reverence for the cyclicality of nature through her teachings.

Molly Evans

Nicole teaches people to slow down. She welcomes students to show up exactly as they are. It is her deepest honor to share the transformative practices of empowered rest and stillness with others.

Nicole Bratt

Denise is still a hippie inside and believes in peace, love and understanding.

Denise Benitez

Janelle loves Christopher Guest movies but didn't see Spinal Tap until later in life.

Janelle Leonard

Martha spent two years in India working in public health and studying yoga, Hindi and Indian classical drums. In addition to yoga she enjoys cooking with local produce and dancing in the kitchen.

Martha Ryan

Dylan has a B.F.A in theatre and makes imprudent short films with his friends.

Dylan Noebels