About Datza Yoga Studio



At Datza Studio we study and honor the wisdom of the ancients and strive to evolve that wisdom, making it relevant for you in today’s world. Our beautiful studio space on Eastlake in Seattle is an ideal venue for the variety of classes we offer – whether in person or online – and the diversity of our teachers’ backgrounds and styles ensures that we can meet you at your level, and support you in your growth.

  • Welcoming, friendly environment
  • Stunning studio space
  • Classes catering for all: from beginners to advanced practitioners
  • Different length classes (30, 45, 60 & 75 min) to meet your schedule
  • Guided meditation
  • Unique classes and events
  • You can come and stretch or burn
  • Livestream, restream, on demand library, in person

Meet Our Founder

Datza Tamane

Moving from Riga, Latvia to Seattle wasn’t just a cultural change for Datza, it was the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery. Coming from a background in both dance and fitness, Datza found herself immediately captivated by and drawn towards the practice of yoga. Making choices for one’s own body that came not from the head but from the heart was something she found to be deeply profound and intensely satisfying, and so fifteen years ago she began her journey as a yoga practitioner. Under the tutelage of renowned yogis Kathleen Hunt and Steve Davis, Datza graduated from Samadhi with an RYT 200 certification in her hand and a burning desire to teach others in her heart.

Datza has since taken her fifteen years of dutiful yoga practice, paired it with her lifelong adoration for dance, and cultivated a space here in Seattle for her students to grow, flow and vibe as one. She believes that yoga, at its very core, isn’t just about the fundamentals of the exercise itself, but about taking all of the nuanced principles one learns in class and applying them to one’s everyday life.

Meet Your Instructors

Richard loves fly-fishing, but hates catching fish. (Just as well, really ...)

Richard Spry

Alexandra is from Sun Valley, Idaho where she grew up dancing and skiing. She finds joy in free flowing movement such as in yoga, skiing, and dance. She is fluent in gibberish and is excited to learn other languages as well!

Alexandra Haupt

Michele was born and raised in upstate NY, and made her way West with her husband 16 years ago. She loves adventuring in nature, collecting rocks, and is easily entertained by hummingbirds.

Michelle Trump

Emily is a movement artist that has studied dance, acrobatics, and aerial arts. During the day, she walks dogs and loves being outside. She also has a pet snake names, Eden.

Emily Rose

Elizabeth first started doing yoga as a sophomore in high school to get out of taking P.E. and has been known to win amateur hula-hooping competitions.

Elizabeth Heath

Cheryl has lived in the dry desert and high in the mountains. Now she lives on the water. Kayaks and paddle boards are her latest entertainment. She greets every dog she meets.

Cheryl Acheson