Developing a practice that works for your busy life.

Are you looking to establish a regular meditation practice? You’ve read how meditation and mindfulness are so good for you, right? So why can’t you enjoy it? Why is it so frustrating? Why do you end up feeling like you just can’t do it?

Many of us already know the benefit of just 20-30 minutes of meditation, but struggle to make it a regular gift to ourselves. This is your opportunity. Whether or not you have taken our series of introductory classes (and we will have them again soon!) Richard invites you to join him every Monday for 30 minutes’ of guided meditation. Make this your foundation for your best week! Learn nurturing meditation techniques that celebrate the joys in your life, while supporting you through it’s challenges.

Richard has been teaching yoga as asana since 2016 and increasingly has found the movement of vinyasa to be a gateway to meditation. His meditation practice, meanwhile, has deepened through studying with the renowned teachers Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, and he is advanced in their Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher Training. He looks forward to sharing this with you.