Release, Surrender & Receive w/ Datza Tamane & Kremena Tobin

February 29, 6:30-8:00pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Yoga & Pranayama (Breathwork) + Tapping + Extended Savasana w/ Acupuncture

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Registration deadline: 02/29/2024 at 6:00 pm

Where Yoga meets Acupuncture

Join Datza and Kremena for a 90 min journey through your internal terrain via senses: yoga & pranayama (breathwork) + tapping + extended savasana with a blissful Acupuncture treatment to help you release unnecessary feelings, surrender to the unknown and receive the support from cosmic wisdom.

Our 3 part series are geared towards feelings in relation to the seasons and moon cycle. Our first one is called Release, and through asanas (yoga poses), breathwork, tapping and acupuncture you will receive a rounded gentle guidance to Release.

It’s a learning process to let go, and we need to train our body, mind, and heart to come back to the union they are meant to be in- for optimal balance and flow of our existence. Together we will explore the moment called now through wisdom of our bodies and principles of Chinese Medicine.

SESSION 1 (Feb.29)

In this first session we are focusing on the Water-Fire element relationship through yoga, tapping and acupuncture.
From acupuncture point of view, the emotions of fear, anger, sluggishness and even lack of confidence are all connected with the winter season and the water element.

As the day is growing and we moving into spring, it is time to gently awaken the connection between Water and Fire elements in preparation for the new season.

Datza will guide you through few yoga poses, followed by tapping to balance the Water and Fire elements within us. The Heart and Kidney meridians represent these elements in Chinese medicine and Kremena will do points on them during extended Savasana.

Space is limited to 12 participants, early registration is highly suggested.

Investment in You: $55 / 10% studio members (those who are on autopay and 1 year pre paid plan).

A Slice of Bliss


Datza Tamane & Kremena Tobin