8 week meditation course for busy MINDS w/ Richard, May 1 – June 19, 8:45-9:45am

Dear Yogis –

Some of you have already taken the chance to practice a new approach to meditation with our Meditation 101 5-class series, and we hope too that you have been enjoying the opportunity to drop in weekly for a 30 minute guided group meditation with Richard. This is such a rich technique for re-calibrating heart, mind and spirit and we are thrilled to be able to share it.

We are happy now to announce a new avenue to meditation.

But first, why? We are blessed to have such a rich diversity of members in our Datza community, with busy professionals in challenging careers seeking work:life balance, and parents, too, striving to keep their sense of self as they give their all. And some – including Richard himself – who do both. Meditation, or the school from which Richard teaches, is not about ‘emptying your mind’; but rather it is about embracing all aspects of your self, all your emotions, all your instincts, all your senses, and through them (no! absolutely not in spite of them!) finding peace and tranquility and equilibrium to support you in thriving and flourishing in your busy life.

Whether completely new to meditation with Richard and this school, or a regular in his classes, we are offering a unique opportunity to change your life, both in a group setting, and through one-on-one personalized sessions:



    • Sign up for 8 weeks (Limit: SIX participants)
      • Weekly guided group meditations, preceded by group discussion (1 hour per week); plus
      • For each participant: Four (4) x 1 hour ONE-ON-ONE meditation coaching sessions in the course of the 8 weeks – tailored to the individual’s perspective and experience. (This is truly the most rewarding part! Timing is flexible.)
      • Livestream, re-stream & two (2) in studio classes (email datzastudios@gmail.com for Livestream and in Studio schedule)


$325  or 4 payments of $82

Registration deadline:

April 25, save your spot –  https://datzastudios.pike13.com/group_classes/261764#/list?dt=2021-04-11&lt=staff


We hope that you will seize this opportunity to create a platform for living your fullest life.


Richard Spry

Richard has been teaching yoga as asana since 2016 and increasingly has found the movement of vinyasa to be a gateway to meditation. His meditation practice, meanwhile, has deepened through studying with the renowned teachers Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, and he is advanced in their Radiance Sutras® Meditation Teacher Training. Richard specializes in one on one private classes but can be booked for groups of two to three students.