Cannabis and Cosmic Consciousness w/ Datza & Jaime

October 16, 6:00-8:30pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Cannabis infused Devotional Flow + Breath Work + Guided Meditation + Sound Healing

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Registration deadline: 10/16/2022 at 5:30 pm

Since the beginning of time, man has been altering consciousness to reach deeper states of awareness. Micheal Pollan’s newest book and NYT best seller, How to Change Your Mind, brings the healing properties of these sacred plants into mainstream awareness.

In many parts of the US cannabis is legal, but so often misused. Cannabis is not just “party drug” or a modality for escapism. It is a sacred plant, and it is a healing teacher. When used a ceremonially, it has beautiful potential to expand consciousness and connect us to the deeper truths.

Join Datza and Jaime who will share their love, for yoga, shamanism, sacred plants, ceremony, mantra, sound healing and breath work with you. We will ingest the medicine upon arrival, followed by Devotional flow and guided meditation lead by Datza. After our bodies are warm and the medicine is active, we will build cozy nests and Jaime will lead a ceremony full of music, sound baths and sacred mantra.

As the medicine starts to wane, we will wake our bodies back up with breath work and movement so we leave the studio feeling clear, energized and grounded.


Energy exchange: $65 general admission, $59 early bird (register by 10/15), 10% off members pricing (those who are on auto pay and 1 year prepaid).


Datza Tamane & Jaime Schmitz

DATZA was immediately captivated by and drawn to yoga in the early 2000s: her background in dance and fitness had already primed her for a fascination with body/mind centric practices. She was born and raised in Latvia, a beautiful fairy-tale like country in Europe, and she started to explore other countries and cultures in her late teens. Eventually, she landed in Seattle. Datza loves all kind of movement: dancing, kickboxing, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga moving, and more. She truly believes that movement heals and invites you to treat your body with respect. Her classes are upbeat with a supportive attitude. Datza teaches a variety of different classes from creative and dynamic vinyasa flows to restorative and grounding slow flow classes. JAIME is committed to unearthing expressions of internal and external freedom for herself and her primary goal as a teacher is to provide students with glimpses of and forays into expressions of freedom. Whether it be through ceremony, travel, meditation, nidra, music, breath, fluidity, athleticism, handstands or exploring nature, I love to invite people out of the confines in which they limit themselves to sustain the illusion of control. Currently, Jaime in her personal practices are more focused in the realm of spirit, Shamanism and meditation. As she quests for Internal espressions of freedom, she finds sharing this type of work brings her the greatest pleasure. Jaime studies with her guru/primary teachers, Anita Lucia Briggs (a spiritual master) and Amy Wharton (a Buddhist and Peruvian trained Shaman ) and loves to bring the work that she does with these enlightened masters into the studio and share this journey into spirit, the ultimate expression of freedom.