Harmony and the Effective use of Binaural Beats

March 2, 1:00-8:00pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

A workshop on sound

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A workshop on sound w/ Molly Knight Forde (Awareness School)

This sound workshop will focus on how to use binaural beats effectively and responsibly. The difference between two tones played simultaneously is produced in the brain and called sonic entrainment. The resulting binaural beats can be used to enhance theta states, break up energetic blocks, and recalibrate systems from the physical to the etheric.

Those binaural beats will be demonstrated and explained using crystal tones alchemy bowls, so the participant can experience and understand its effect firsthand. Learning to produce binaural beats with particular frequencies corresponding to the chakra system allows for laser focus on blocks in that system.

A sound bath, sound healing, or shamanic sound journey each have different purposes and results, depending on the effective use of dissonance resolving back to consonant harmony. We will learn to identify intervals (the distance between notes) that create binaural beats used to break up energetic blocks and solidify theta states, as well as intervals that are consonant and settle energies back to homeostasis.

With a greater understanding of intervals and harmony, sound practitioners can enhance their skills immensely, choose bowl combinations to create a desired result, as well as incorporate their voice to produce the intervals they need.

This workshop Includes:
– Demonstration of binaural beats
– Study of dissonance and consonance
– Interval identification
– Instruction on how to use these intervals for a desired outcome
– Useful handouts to take home
– Group sound shamanic journey with discussion following

No bowls or experience are required.


Molly Knight Forde

Molly Knight Forde, professional classical pianist, international transformation mentor, and sound shaman leads people to personal freedom using wisdom teachings and unique awareness methods practiced out in the world, not just on the cushion. As founder of the Awareness School, she teaches the Art of Self Observation and has been facilitating global retreats, on and offline courses, women’s groups, sound shamanic journey and intense healing sessions for over 20 years. Her thirty years of spiritual training include Zen Buddhism, The Fourth Way Work, and Shamanism. She is a level II certified Sound Practitioner working with crystal alchemy bowls and shamanic sound journey. Her sound sessions induce extremely deep theta states that recalibrate the chakra system and remove blocks on every level from the physical to the spiritual. She is known as “the sound shaman” using the crystal singing bowls with overtone singing and light language. The sound creates a safe and loving container for people to let go and experience openings into other worlds. As a professional musician, her skillful use of binaural beats and beautiful harmony assists clients in accessing profound heart opening and healing.