Hips + Knees: Mobility and Pain Prevention, June 25, 7:30-8:30pm

Do your hips feel tight? Do your knees ache or click as you perform certain movements?

Discomfort in the knees or hips is largely determined by how well you’re distributing loads throughout your lower body. Movement compensations and muscle imbalances can cause excessive stress to certain areas, which can overtime cause tightness, pain or injury.

Jason from Elevate Chiropractic and Rehab will lead 60 min workshop which will include theory as well as practice. This workshop will teach you how to unwind compensations and create more fluid movements, so you can practice in a way that is safe and healthy for your body. Discover new tools for greater stability and by doing so increase the longevity of your yoga practice!

Workshop addresses knee & hip:
* Aches, pains & clicks
* Tightness and mobility concerns
* Strength and stability strategies
* Movement compensations and injury risk
* Joint durability and injury prevention


Space is limited, save your spot: https://datzastudios.pike13.com/e/100736123

Doors open at 7:15pm and lock promptly at the start of the event.

Wear comfortable clothing and grab your yoga mat (studio mat rent $2) since we will be moving as well.

$20 in advance
$25 at the door
$10 – Datza Studios members