MEDITATIVE FLOW with Reiki and Aromatherapy: Chakra Series, January 10, 7:30-9:00pm

Part III – Solar Plexus. Willpower.

90 min workshop with Datza & Danielle

Join Datza & Danielle in a journey through the layers of your own self as we explore the chakra system. The Chakras evoke mystery, an artistic imagination and are influenced by states of mind and emotional holding.

The 3rd chakra is related to personal power – the magnetic core of the personality and ego, and it completes the physical trilogy of the human energy system. In the 3rd chakra, the gravitational center is partly internalized, focus shifts from how we related to people around us to how we relate to and understand ourselves. Self-understanding and acceptance, the tight bond we form with ourselves, is in many ways the most crucial spiritual challenge we face as we grow. Nobody is really born with healthy self-esteem and we earn this quality in the process of living, as we face challenges one at a time.

The element fire ignites the light of consciousness and willed action is created, we direct our activities toward a higher purpose. The third state – energy is created, as we put together matter and movement. The purpose of this chakra is transformation, just as a fire transforms matter to heat and light

Doors open at 7:15pm and lock promptly at the start of the event.

Sign up:
$30 in advance/ $40 at the door/ Member’s price: 50% off

Guest Teacher – Danielle is a 200 hour RYT certified yoga teacher with Alchemy of Yoga and has deepened her meditation training and energy healing skills in a year long Shamanism Studies immersion with Alisa Sylling at Awake in Joy and Energy Healing training with The School of Vibrational Healing in New York. She has completed further trainings in Yin Yoga, Chakra Yoga and is also a master level certified Reiki Practitioner and offers private in person and distant healing sessions. About one year into teaching yoga and offering reiki she discovered dōTERRA and their incredible essential oils. They offered her amazing tools to take her self-care to a higher level. She currently teaches others how to use the oils to support their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and how to get rid of toxins in their homes. She believes deeply that your self-care is your gift to the planet.