Mother’s Day Heart Opening Sound Bath w/ Datza Tamane & Janelle Leonard

May 14, 4:00-5:30pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Movement Therapy + Sound Bath + Light refreshments after the session

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Registration deadline: 05/14/2023 at 1:00 pm

Join us for this unique and unifying experience … Heart Opening Sound Bath: Gentle Heart Opening Flow w/ Datza + Sound Bath w/ Janelle + light refreshments after the session.

Datza will guide you through a gentle heart opening movement flow, followed by a few stationary yin poses. Each pose is 3-8 minutes to deepen the gentle, gradual stretch. Janelle will accompany with waves of soothing, echoing sound from the Gong during the flow and transition into full sound bath orchestra while we are in savasana.

Throughout the session we will work towards opening and balancing our Anahata – Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra represents transformation, integration and connects physical and spiritual worlds, as well as upper and lower chakras. Opening the Heart Chakra is the beginning of our healing process. We always hold the power to shift change, and create a new reality when we live from a place of “heart as the central brain of the body.”

Similarly, the planet Venus represents love, beauty and art. It is thought that goddess Venus was named after the beautiful Roman goddess (counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite) due to it’s bright, shining appearance in the sky. Venus helps us to appreciate and value ourselves more, so we can give and receive love from a level of equality and balance.

We will invoke the loving energy of Venus and will be using Venusian nature-based formulations during the event by the powerful and exquisite Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary.

Shift your energy, change your reality.

The Mystical:
A Sound Bath is a ceremonial concert designed to provide an environment where energy that is no longer needed can be released, shifting the mind, body and spirit into a deeply relaxed state of being. We invite compassionate Allies, Guides, Ancestors and Healing Spirits to arrive and work with us in sacred space.

The Science:
Guests are bathed in powerful vibrations and binaural beats that help entrain their brain waves into Theta. In this deeply relaxed state dynamic healing can take place, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, cellular regeneration, stress release, emotional, mental, and physical healing.

What to Expect:
After the movement therapy, participants lay in a comfortable position on the floor (savasana), while Janelle plays the crystal and Tibetan bowls, the blessing rattle, and Paiste gong, accompanied by shamanic vocal toning. Many people have reported noticeable physical changes and often experience reduced pain, deeper sleep and meditation, increased memory, focus, concentration and enhanced cohesiveness afterward.

Please have anything that you may need to feel comfortable lying down in silence for one hour. Blankets, pillows, bolsters, yoga mats, etc. Wear comfortable clothing and please be hydrated.


Movement Therapy + Sound Bath + Refreshments

Investment in You: 

$60 general admission

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Janelle is a Sound Healer, trained Opera singer and Violist, Völva, Norse Shamanism Seiðr Practitioner, Tibetan Buddhist, Reiki Master, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® and CranioSacral bodywork practitioner in Seattle, Washington.


Datza Tamane & Janelle Leonard