Resisting a Rest benefiting Yoga Behind Bars w/ Molly & Faraji

December 27, 6:30pm

$10 - $50

Class Type: Live at Studio

Slow Flow + Meditation + Breathwork + Sound Healing

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Registration deadline: 12/27/2022 at 6:00 pm

Join Molly and Faraji for the post New Moon practice as we drop into a restorative  ~ Rest as Resistance ~ slow flow, breath and sound bath practice. New moons are auspicious opportunities for setting intentions – and with this being the last new moon of the year, it is the perfect time to do so. With Autumn having brought the plants and leaves to the ground the Winter rains are washing away the last rotting remnants of waste back into the soil and the rivers. The snows and rains of winter represent a great leveling and cleansing process. Everything in winter is washed clean and bare, bringing an end to the growing and harvest cycle and clearing the stage for the next one to begin. In the middle of its phase everything appears still, cold, quiet and lifeless.

However, appearances can be deceptive. Life does not stop in the winter months. The seeds which have fallen to the ground are still alive and waiting beneath the soil for spring. The hibernating animals are slowing down to sleep while they await the first hint of the spring warmth. Life is still there, hidden, underground, and slow.

New moons don’t reflect any light which is why they are often called the “dark moons” – and metaphorically explains why we tend to have quieter and more introspective experiences under these lunations. However, pulled by the twinkling lights, warm drinks and jubilee, we tend to move from thing to thing like pollinating bees during the holiday season. Resisting the rest our souls so desperately need during this time. But if we can tune into the cycle of nature, we’ll notice there are few bees to be found. They are hiding underneath this hard and barren surface, gathering the strength and endurance to see the season through to the next spring of renewed growth.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Yoga Behind Bars, a nonprofit in Washington State dedicated to bringing trauma-informed yoga and meditation with incarcerated people to promote rehabilitation, personal transformation, and a more just society for all.


Time: 6:30pm (~75 mins)


Meditation & Sound Bath: 15 minutes

Gentle Flow: 40 minutes 

Breath into Rest: 10 minutes

Sound Bath and Savasana: 10 min 


Pre registration is highly suggested, click here to register for the session.

In exchange for attendance, we kindly ask for donations to Yoga Behind Bars. You can make a donation ($20 & $30) when you register for the class or click here to send funds directly to Yoga Behind Bars. If you prefer, you can also bring cash or check to the event.








Molly Evans & Faraji Bhakti