Sightless in Suncadia

The toils of city life can be exhausting. Between traffic, pollution and general busyness, it’s good to step away, relax and breathe fresh air. A few weeks ago, I did just that at the Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum.

I felt worlds away, but it was barely a 90-minute drive from Seattle. Overlooking the majestic Cle Elum River, Suncadia is situated in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. I was on my way to teach Sightless Vino + Vinyasa, a very unique yoga class involving blindfolds and wine. It was not my first time teaching a blindfolded yoga class, but it was my first time teaching it with wine!

We arrived at Suncadia stunned by picturesque beauty. Last time we were here the landscape was lush and green. This time everything was white, covered in a thick snowy blanket. Looking at the mountains through the large lodge windows felt like being inside a snow globe.

Our room was cozy and warm, a welcomed balance to the cold mountainscape outside. On the door was a list of activities ranging from Latin Dancing to Snowshoeing. I saw my class listed among the many intriguing activities and was excited to teach in such a dynamic and captivating space.

Walking into the practice studio was an enchanting escape that felt private and sensual. The mats were laid out perfectly with a satin eye mask next to each station. Infused with an enticing essential oil blend, the blindfolds would enhance the class by challenging one to look inward to find balance in their practice, while heightening other senses as well. Practicing yoga blindfolded is an opportunity to amplify our body awareness and cultivate a stronger connection between our mind and the vehicle for our souls.

The class was filled with a diversity of people. From couples on a Valentine’s Day retreat to friends celebrating a birthday, everyone there was ready to test their boundaries and, of course, toast their success with a well-deserved bottle of wine at the end.

I started the ninety-minute class by walking through the poses. After everyone was familiar with the Mandala-style sequence, the eye masks came on. In any yoga practice, people depend on their ability to see. By removing this option, our other senses naturally heighten. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard not to peek when you’re blindfolded. Despite the natural urge, this class was committed. Everyone was in their own private world, playing with their senses and exploring the planes of their souls through their bodies.

After a few rounds of modified Surya A, followed by a Mandala-style flow, focusing on hips and shoulders, we finished class by challenging our balance without the blindfolds. We took a restorative savasana, a few cleansing breaths and made our way to the wine. The Suncadia team thought of every detail, providing us with a beautiful spread and a tasteful variety of wines from Maryhill Winery. The red wine was my favorite!

I had a blast teaching at Suncadia and since my Sightless Vino + Vinyasa class, I’m seriously considering ending all my classes with a glass of wine. Till next time, Suncadia! Can’t wait to come back when the snow melts.


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