14 Days Self-Love, Self-Care: Core Galore w/ Datza

June 7-20, 21 min x 21 days


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Re-Stream, Live at Studio

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Registration deadline: 06/06/2021 at 10:00 am

Summer Challenge starts Monday, June 7!


We are excited to announce another edition of our Self-Love, Self-Care challenge is around the corner, in time for summer! 14 Days of Self-Love, Self-Care Core Galore -Summer ready challenge with Datza starts on Monday, June 7 and runs until Sunday,
June 20!

Our focus for the summer challenge will be on a strong core to support your whole being both mentally and physically. A healthy body means a healthy digestion system, so you will be less bloated and a calm centre means more will power to move forward
and keep on track with summer plans.

Say yes to the healthy burn, new ideas and then make the magic happen! Get ready to move and work your center to the max through a repetition of small and large range of movements, and precise intentional stretches.

You will receive exclusive access to livestream & restream for a 60 minute session with NW Ayurveda owner Nickole Thornton Gonzales “Feel Good – Look Good from the inside out” followed by short Q & A, focused on nutrition of your bones, joints, and skin through foods, oils and lifestyle activities.

As an added bonus, one of the core classes will be lead by surprise guest teacher. All we can say, she is fabulous and you will leave class feeling more stronger, energized and with the smile on your face.

So this challenge will be working on your core strength and boost your stamina with Datza, as well as nutrition and a special guest teacher for a full body, mind and soul challenge as we will also include a 45min “Love your Core” Vinyasa class.

The Core Galore challenge runs June 7-20. Show up for yourself every day for 2 weeks with 21 min in studio, livestream or re stream. When we make ourselves the first priority we can show up better for the people and events in our life. Give yourself
some self-care everyday for 21 days and see what changes can happen!


What you can expect from the Core Galore challenge;

  • Develop greater core strength
  • Increase deep, centering calm and awareness that will support you in your yoga practice, other workouts and everyday life
  • Motivation, inner strength & courage
  • Exclusive access to nutritional advice from NW Ayurveda owner Nickole Thornton Gonzales
  • Creating and reinforcement of positive habits that will change your life


  • $42 general admission
  • Register by the latest on Sunday, June 6, 10:00am. Livestream links will be emailed to you on Sunday, June 6
  • WA state is in Phase 3, which means we will be able to open a few in-studio spots. In-studio registration (max 5 days per person) will open up for you on Monday, June 7, 6:00am
  • Each participant will get a restream link after each session and they will be available for 48h

Livestream schedule

Week 1, June 7-13

Monday – 5:30pm/ followed by 6:00pm “Feel Good, Look Good – from the inside out” session w/ Nickole

Tue, Wed, F – 7:30am

Th, Sat, Sun – 9:15am


Week 2, June 14-20

M, Tue, Th 7:30am

Wed – 6:15pm

F, Sat, Sun – 9:15am

Save your spot and register today: https://datzastudios.pike13.com/e/146188075.
If you have any questions about the journey, do not hesitate to get in touch with Datza by emailing  datza@datzastudios.com or send a text to 206 422 8639.



Datza was immediately captivated by and drawn to yoga in the early 2000s: her background in dance and fitness had already primed her for a fascination with body/mind centric practices. She was born and raised in Latvia, a beautiful fairy-tale like country in Europe, and she started to explore other countries and cultures in her late teens. Eventually, she landed in Seattle. Datza loves all kind of movement: dancing, kickboxing, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga moving, and more. She truly believes that movement heals and invites you to treat your body with respect. Her classes are upbeat with a supportive attitude. Datza teaches a variety of different classes from creative and dynamic vinyasa flows to restorative and grounding slow flow classes. Her latest passion is to create challenges to boost self-love and self-respect. What to expect in Datza’s classes: Datza’s classes are challenging yet comforting. She gives you tools to cultivate presence and awareness as well as build self-confidence.