14 Days of Self-Love, Self-Care w/ Datza

April 12-25


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Re-Stream, Live at Studio


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Registration deadline: 04/11/2021 at 6:00 pm

14 Days of Self-Love, Self-Care: Body and mind detox focusing on lower body.

Spring Strong; April 12 -25!

Spring has arrived with lighter and brighter days, and to celebrate we announce our next 14 Day’s of Self-Love, Self-Care challenge. The Spring Strong challenge with Datza starts on Monday, April 12 and runs until Sunday April 25! This challenge will focus on our lovely lower bodies, which may not have seen the light of day for some time, so let’s take this opportunity to strength our core and lower body.  As part of the challenge, learn how to detox your mind, re focus and re energize your whole being this spring.

The Spring Strong challenge runs April 12 – 25.  Show up for yourself every day for 2 weeks with 21 min in studio, livestream or re stream.  Included will be access to 30 min workshop with Vital Roots about Self Massage and participation in Meditation for All with Richard on Tuesday April 13 & April 20 (7:15-7:45pm).  There will also be a special Journaling with Datza session to keep track of our progress.

What you can expect from the Spring Strong challenge;

  • Stronger more defined lower body
  • Mindfulness and clarity
  • Motivation, inner strength & courage
  • Creation and reinforcement of positive habits that will change your life

During the 2 week challenge, we will not only build body awareness and strength but, through incorporating ancient wisdom tools such as breathwork & guided meditation,  gain a sense of mindfulness and clarity.


  • Register by March 26 for the Early Bird discount or sign up by the latest on Sunday, April 11, 6:00pm.  Livestream links will be emailed to you on Monday, April 12
  • Livestream schedule: M – 5:45pm/ Tue, F – 8:05AM/ W, Th – 6:15pm/ Sat, Sun – 9:30am
  • WA state is moving into Phase 3, which means we will be able to open a few in-studio spots. In-studio registration (max 3 days per person) will open up for you on Monday, April 12, 10:00 am
  • Each participant will get a restream link after each session and they will be available for 7 days
  • Remember $21 for Studio members (those who are on monthly autopay or 1 year prepaid) & EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (must register by March 30)

Save your spot and register today: https://datzastudios.pike13.com/e/142774891

If you have any questions about the journey, do not hesitate to get in touch with Datza by emailing datza@datzastudios.com or send a text to 206 422 8639.

Happy Spring!