21 Day’s of Self-Love, Self-Care: Core Galore w/ Datza & Elizabeth

November 30 - December 30, 2020

$21/ complimentary for monthly unlimited plan holders (existing & new clients), couples & 1 year prepaid membership holders

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Registration deadline: 11/29/2020 at 10:00 am

Core + Breath + Meditation

Release tension from 2020 and build your own at home yoga practice week by week.

Week 1. The first week we will focus on strengthening our center (abs, obliques). Datza & Elizabeth will lead a 10 minute core workout – to burn away what doesn’t serve us, leaving only what does. By focusing on our core we connect with our center, the epicenter of our will and power.

Week 2. The second week we will add 5 minutes of breathwork (pranayama) to our core intensive. Through breath we deepen our practice, get present, and connect to our true self.

Week 3. The third week we will add 5 minutes Meditation to calm the body and mind while working core and releasing through breath, creating a 20 min. yoga practice you can do at home anytime! Meditation allows us to calm the hustle and bustle, go inward and replenish our connection to our higher self and the light within.


When we make ourselves the first priority we can show up better for the people and events in our life! Embrace how amazing you are and celebrate your body, mind, and soul – through working the core, finding breath, and calming body & mind! Give yourself at least 21% more love 😉 some self-care everyday for 21 days!

Challenge starts on Monday, November 30, 10:30am!

Livestream class times

10:30am Monday, Tuesday & Friday

5:30pm Wednesday & Thursday

10:00am Saturday & Sunday

Week 1 (10 min core galore) November 30 – December 6

Week 2 (10 min core galore + 5 min breathwork) December 7 – 13

Week 3 (10 min core galore + 5 min breathwork + 5 min meditation) December 14 -20

To sweeten the experience, everyone who will take all 21 classes for 21 days in a row, will be entered to win various prizes thoughtfully chosen by Datza Studios team. Participation rules and prize choices will be emailed to you along with livestream links on Sunday, November 30.


Investment in You: $21/ complimentary for monthly unlimited plan holders (existing & new clients), couples & 1 year prepaid membership holders

Register by Sunday, November 29, 10:00am and Livestream links will be emailed to you.

Can’t make it to the livestream? We will email restream link (valid for 24h) to all participants by 6pm every day.

Commit to Self-Love, Self-Care.