7 Day Immune Boost – Fall Yoga challenge, September 22 – October 5

7 Day Immune Boost – become the healthiest version of yourself!

We challenge you!

To take 7 classes in 7 days
Play Bingo (1 cross at a time)
Have Fun

What helps you strengthen the immune system?

Reduce stress with mindfulness (create rituals, try essential oils, yoga practice, meditation)
Get moving (brisk walk outside or take one of our high energy specialized classes to increase your heart rate)
Get adequate sleep (preferably at least 8h)
ABCDE vitamins, herbs & supplements (talk to our teachers, they each have great suggestions)
Fresh, brisk air (preferably when the sun is out)
Increase warm liquid intake (warm water w/ lemon at a.m., teas & soups)

Why should I participate?

Fall is the season of change and it is also the season when the possibility to get cold, flu etc. raises. Days are shorter, less sunshine and our energy level decreases. Turn up your energy level and strengthen your immune system and join in the fun to keep you going through the season!

A chance to win some amazing prizes:

1. Complete 7 days, 7 classes: 10% off on your next class package, membership. *If you are on 1 year prepaid plan – we will extend your plan for 2 weeks.

2. Complete 1 line of bingo: Drawing for Poke Square $25 gift certificate (2), Datza Studios $25 gift certificate towards any regular class packages, membership or merchandise (except Liforme Yoga mats), $50 Chichetti Gift Certificate.

3. Complete both: 7 days/7 classes + 2 lines bingo: Drawing for a private custom fragrance design session with Molly of Molly Ray Fragrance, 30 ml eau de Toilette of your custom scent and own exclusive formula in the fragrance library, $250 value.

When should I start?

From September 22 to 29th. *7-day challenge starts on September 22 and must be completed by October 5.

Note: The first day of Fall is September 23 and New Moon is September 28.


Browse our schedule & register for classes https://www.datzastudios.com/our-schedule/

p.s. To make it more fun we have created a BINGO card to challenge yourself a little bit more taking you out of your comfort zone. Try opposite of what you prefer. After all it is the season of change and what better way to embrace it than accepting the change. We have incorporated different rituals and tasks into Bingo cards so you can really nourish your mind, body and soul. During the 2 week challenge our teachers will share different tips how to strengthen immune system. Some of them will incorporate oils and teas during and after the practice. Specialized classes with short description will be posted by the Challenge Board on 09/22. Pick up your bingo card any time after 09/21.