Essential Rest w/ Michele: Restorative Yoga, September Edition

September 29, 7:00-8:15pm


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Re-Stream, Live at Studio

Restorative Yoga

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Registration deadline: 09/29/2021 at 5:00 pm

Essential Rest – with Michele Trump

This 75 minute class will weave slow and gentle movement to unwind tension with longer held restorative poses using the support of props to facilitate comfort, ease and calm of your body and mind. Michele will guide you in this restorative yoga practice to facilitate deeper states of relaxation and inner harmony. Each monthly class will thread in seasonally inspired elements to support your health and well-being.

Recommended props for restorative yoga:

  • Yoga mat
  • 2 bolsters. Alternatives could be​: 2-3 blankets/thick bath towels rolled up tightly (and possibly bound together), a couple bed pillows, a couch cushion, yoga mat rolled in a blanket/towel.
  • 3-5 blankets. Try to find at least a couple that are the same size/style/thickness, consistency. Alternative​: large bath / beach towels.
  • 2 yoga blocks. Alternatives​: stack of books (possibly bound together so they don’t shift/slide), sturdy box, pots from the kitchen…
  • 1 eye cover ​or lightweight eye pillow. Alternatives​: soft scarf, clean sock, bandana, hand towel, cotton t shirt, etc.
  • Your fave cozy blanket​ for covering yourself in poses.


In studio

Join us for IN-STUDIO practice! Wear a mask. Bring your mat. Do register at least 1h before the class. If you feel sick, don’t book a class. Late cancel and no show policies still apply. Register:


Join us for LIVESTREAM classes from the comfort of your home and/ or workspace! Sign up at least 30 min before the session and Zoom link to live class will be emailed to you. Suggested playlist will appear in the chat box at the beginning of the class. If you can’t make this time, the class is recorded and you can practice it later (please send us a request for recorded class to, 48 hour access). Register:

Investment in You

Complimentary for Datza Studio members (those who are on monthly auto pay plan or 1 year pre paid plan)
$30 in Studio or  livestream
$25 Early Bird,  if register by 9/27


Michele Trump

Michele is a 500hr certified registered yoga teacher, massage therapist and holistic wellness mentor. Join her for a deep, heartfelt, nourishing and revitalizing practice grounded in awareness, alignment and the interconnection of mind, body, heart, soul, nature and all of life.