Evening Chill + Acupuncture w/ Datza & Kremena

November 6 & December 4, 7:00-8:15pm


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Live at Studio

Gentle Vinyasa + Restorative + Acupuncture

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Registration deadline: 11/06/2023 at 6:45 pm

This class is designed to help you transition from daytime to nighttime. Decompress and prepare for a good night of rest in this class.

Our teachers will guide you through a mellow flow, and then conclude class with a guided body scan to relax the body and mind through gradual release of tension.

We will be offering complimentary acupuncture during extended savasana every first Monday of the month (November 6 & December 4, 2023).

Join us for practice in-studio. Sign up at least 15min before the class. Bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.

If you feel sick, don’t book a class. Late cancel and no show policies still apply.


Meet Kremena Tobin – your travelling acupuncturist! Kremena was born in Bulgaria and came to live in the States a while back. Always in search of holistic healing to serve our local community, Chinese medicine had an immediate pull on her. Kremena studied Acupuncture in Seattle for over 3 years, graduated with honors and began her journey as a practitioner holding a small healing space in the city for over 15 years.

Kremena is also an English philology graduate from Bulgaria, an avid Buddhist teachings student, a wife, a mother of two teenage boys, a meditator, a mantra chanting practitioner, a human in all aspects of life. After recently living in Nepal for 6 months and studying with many amazing healers, she excited to share her healing energy in different spaces. 



Datza Tamane & Kremena Tobin