Lion’s Gate Activation & Sunset Rooftop Session

August 8, 7:15-8:00pm


Lion's Gate portal + Flow for Softness & Strength + Guided Meditation

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Registration deadline: 08/08/2022 at 6:00 pm

Summer in Seattle is in full force and why not take your evening practice outside and embrace the sunset and beautiful views of City and water?

Join us for exclusive “Evening Chill” practice on rooftop on Monday, August 8, 2022 – the date when Lion’s Gate portal is at the peak.

Datza will guide your through gentle flow to help you remove stagnant energy and unlock access to your greater health and happiness. Our very knowledgable guest Ilona, owner of The Faerie Glen will explain us to how to embrace Lion’s Gate portal and our out of town guest, yet PNW native Ryder will close out the journey with one of a kind guided meditation designed for this powerful date.

Some light beverages will be provided after the session. Ilona w/ The Faerie Glen and Maia w/ Wellness by Willow will showcase their hand made products, available for purchase. Ilona: Light Warrior Flower Essence blend, Yang candles, Sun Priestess Body Oil, Forcefield Sprays and Grateful Heart tea! Maia: Crystal infused Leo oil and Balance oil + complimentary skin care consults.


Energy exchange: $27 early bird (must be purchased by August 8, 8:08am/ $33 general admission/ $7 member’s pricing (those who are on auto pay and 1 year prepaid)

Space is limited, do claim your spot now!


The magic of Lion’s Gate

Get ready to feel your roar, the Lion’s Gate portal opens from July 26th-August 12th. Lion’s Gate occurs when the Earth and Sun align with the star Sirius and the Galactic Center – the point everything in the Milky Way revolves around. The alignment is the greatest on August 8th every year, known as the peak opening. This entire time, though, is an opportunity to receive energetic downloads from the Universe and elevate your consciousness. It’s a magical time to call in higher frequencies to manifest your intentions and realize your potential. As you expand your consciousness, you can break free of old patterns that have been with you for many generations and find your most enlightened self./ Spirit Daughther

Meet Ilona

“I found my passion for healing early on, embarking on a journey to heal from my own traumatic past, learning to make friends with my shadows, rather then fighting or escaping them. From that awakening I learned ritual and resilience, and as I began healing, I met so many others who were on a similar path. The connections I make and lives I touch are the leading force of my creations and offerings. I believe in the enchanting power of nature. You came to this Earth with all you need, and I will continuously remind you of that, while keeping it real at the same time! Laughter and relaxation are the best medicine, and no matter what you bring in with you, I will make sure you feel safe, held, and full of resources so you can learn to rely on yourself”.

Meet Ryder

A northwest native, Ryder was first introduced to meditation and mindfulness at a young age through ‘Dahn Yoga’ and ‘Tai Chi’ while in high school. Chant and movement were some of the predominate areas that peaked his curiosities of study and practice early on, as he pursued a career in film and the arts.

Ryder was studying with a Himalayan monk when he initially discovered Yoga Nidra, meditation coaching and ‘Frequency Healing’. He received his Yoga Nidra and Meditation Teacher Certification while working at The Den Meditation Center. Since then, he has been helping facilitate meditations, a unique guided healing technique and counseling / “holding space for” trauma healing with various techniques. Ryder Also facilitates sound healings with rare alloy alchemy sound bowls from Nepal.

Most recently Ryder has worked with a group of MIT, STANFORD, USC GRADS and DOCTORS developing advanced frequency cellular trauma healing devices for commercial and home use. One of his specialties is working with artists and people in the entertainment industry to advance their lives and careers with these activating modalities.


Meet Maia

As a holistic esthetician, my journey towards serving others in skincare and wellness started with a passion to help people achieve wellness in their everyday life.

After completing a degree in Education from the University of Washington and teaching for several years, my focus evolved to the emotional and spiritual realm of helping others through my long-standing interest in esthetics and the connection to mind, body, and spirit. Growing up struggling with my own skin issues, I started to notice when I was most balanced and feeling good in my life, my skin and self image was the best. From this realization, I cultivated the philosophy of healing from the inside out. To develop my craft, I immersed myself in the holistic approach to skincare and completed a certificate program in Esthetics at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute.



Datza Tamane

Datza is the creator and visionary for Datza Yoga Studio, which has been based in Eastlake, Seattle since 2018. For Datza, yoga is a lifelong journey of understanding and appreciating your beautiful body. Heralding from Riga, Latvia where from an early age traditional music, dance and sports was a part of everyday life, Datza discovered the joy of using her body to create movement and expression. Datza became captivated with yoga as she felt true self-reflection, personal development and empowerment can be possible through grounded and inclusive practice. Imbedding her lifelong adoration for dance, Datza has taught at music festivals across Europe and the USA as well as teaching mindfulness and yoga to children. Now after more than fifteen years of practicing as both a student and teacher, Datza seeks to inspire and challenge herself and others through practices which suit a variety of different styles and levels. Datza strives all her students to honor their space, the time they crave out for their practice as in the busy, modern world that we live in, which is why Datza yoga Studio and classes are a calming, reflecting place for all.