Full Circle – Escape to Cuba

On the heels of Irma, we returned for our second retreat in Cuba. Not knowing exactly what to expect in terms of possible damage to Old Havana and the surrounding areas, we decided not to cancel our 2nd visit. What we found instead was all of the old world charm and continuous outgoing nature of the people of Cuba. With arms and eyes opened wide, our experience was full of vibrant and enlightening experiences. We had a total of 13 people with us on this trip with an overall appreciation for the surroundings we were about to encounter. The pictures speak for themselves. Colors unlike any other place on earth. Nature in abundance, tranquility, stillness, enlightenment, and togetherness. If you have the opportunity to see this part of the world, we cannot recommend it enough! From salsa dancing taught us by locals, to exploring Varadero Beach, Fusterlandia, and Vinales, our second visit filled our hearts and minds with experiences to fill a lifetime. We couldn’t get enough of the people, colors, artifacts, and culture of this island. Some say Cuba is a place forgotten by time, we see it as an oasis of pride for a country of people that are as true and welcoming as the lush environment that surrounds them. Thank you Cuba, we were humbled to be in your presence.

Coming full circle with these experiences gave us the revelation that we should indeed open our own studio in Seattle! We will be opening our doors to the Eastlake community in early February 2018! Stay tuned for updates and progress pics of the space. We are so excited to share this all of you!

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