Suncadia Sense Excursion – Post Effect

Circling back on our Suncadia getaway, I wanted to share a few of my takeaways and post effects that I experienced while leading our group. In many of my classes, I express the sentiment that we have our senses for a reason. Our body and moreover our soul is like that of a child. If the child weeps, it oftentimes is for a reason. Listening to our bodies, using all of our senses to do so is fundamental in being able to fully surrender to them. In surrendering we are allowing our introspection to guide us to the places we can heal and grow.

Our full sense spectrum of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch is the bedrock on which we all share our human vulnerabilities and our shared healing properties. The surroundings we choose, the voices we hear, the air we breathe, the nourishment we absorb, and the embraces we share play the most vital role in who we are and who we will become.

The Suncadia Sense excursion was born out of my appreciation for those that choose to explore; enthusiastically. As the fall days get shorter, and the sunlight fades, the calling for full spectrum restoration becomes more and more prevalent. Not only yoga, not only barre3, but enthusiasm, relaxation, great food, and great drink. An open invitation to some of my personal favorites followed. Teachers and friends charged with shaping our experiences. I am constantly blown away by Anna McEvers and her ever-expanding guidance. Paired with Bonnie McPike serving as not only our passionate chef but as our world-class sommelier, our weekend was nothing short of magic. We took part in our own creativity in the kitchen with a guiding cooking class, synchronized with otherworldly wine tasting. We reset our meridians and pressure points with Kremena Tobin by way of balanced acupuncture. All in all our Suncadia sense excursion was nothing short of amazing! Raise your hand if you want to make a return trip. Stay tuned!


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