MEDITATIVE FLOW with Reiki & Aromatherapy: Chakra Series, November 15, 7:30-9:00pm

Part II – Sacral Chakra. Feeling.

90 min workshop with Datza & Danielle

Join Datza & Danielle in a journey through the layers of your own self as we explore the chakra system. The Chakras evoke mystery, an artistic imagination and are influenced by states of mind and emotional holding.

This workshop is an exploration of the 2nd chakra – Sacral Chakra, element – Water, color – Orange. During the 90 min session Datza will guide you through the Hatha Flow and Danielle will lead you into Yin poses complimented with hands on Reiki energy healing and aromatherapy.
Our body is the home/vehicle for our soul and as our body interacts with the world, it becomes our personal microcosm of that world. The second chakra is the chakra of partnership – we are now ready to introduce a new dimension which comes about when one meets another and becomes two. Here unity becomes duality and we move from the element earth to the element water – the essence of all forms, yet formless. It is here where solid becomes liquid, stillness becomes movement and form becomes formless. Our understanding of self now includes an awareness of the other and we are in need to reach out and grow.

Change is fundamental element of consciousness and lies within the 2nd chakra. Without change, there is no growth, no movements and no life.

Doors open at 7:15pm and lock promptly at the start of the event.

Sign up:

$30 in advance/ $40 at the door/ Member’s price: 50% off

Guest Teacher – Danielle is a 200 hour RYT certified yoga teacher with Alchemy of Yoga and has deepened her meditation training and energy healing skills in a year long Shamanism Studies immersion with Alisa Sylling at Awake in Joy and Energy Healing training with The School of Vibrational Healing in New York. She has completed further trainings in Yin Yoga, Chakra Yoga and is also a master level certified Reiki Practitioner and offers private in person and distant healing sessions. About one year into teaching yoga and offering reiki she discovered dōTERRA and their incredible essential oils. They offered her amazing tools to take her self-care to a higher level. She currently teaches others how to use the oils to support their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and how to get rid of toxins in their homes. She believes deeply that your self-care is your gift to the planet.