Radical Self Acceptance: Day 6 OWN IT w/ Datza & Annie

May 21, 8:45-9:30am


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Re-Stream, Live at Studio

Movement + Kriya + Breathwork + Tapping + Guided meditation

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Registration deadline: 05/21/2022 at 8:15 am

Honoring Mental Awareness month, on May 16 we started 12 Day challenge Vibe High on Your Own Supply: Radical Self Acceptance w/ Datza & Annie, guest teacher Joshua Flores.

We are half way in the challenge and to help you to stay committed, Day 6 class is live in studio and online. 45 min of 100% radical self acceptance, guide by Datza and Annie. If you haven’t registered for the challenge, but feel called to move with us, join us on Day 6 OWN IT, and connect with simpler energies in life that brings you joy and peace, focus on what you do have instead of what you lack, step away from scarcity into abundance.

Learn more about the challenge here.

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Datza Tamane & Annie Evasick

DATZA was immediately captivated by and drawn to yoga in the early 2000s: her background in dance and fitness had already primed her for a fascination with body/mind centric practices. She was born and raised in Latvia, a beautiful fairy-tale like country in Europe, and she started to explore other countries and cultures in her late teens. Eventually, she landed in Seattle. Datza loves all kind of movement: dancing, kickboxing, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga moving, and more. She truly believes that movement heals and invites you to treat your body with respect. Her classes are upbeat with a supportive attitude. Datza teaches a variety of different classes from creative and dynamic vinyasa flows to restorative and grounding slow flow classes. Her latest passion is to create challenges to boost self-love and self-respect. ANNIE, lead yoga instructor and owner of Yo Yo Yoga Project, founded in 2010 based in Seattle, WA. Annie’s classes focus on finding your mind body connection through breathwork, hatha style yoga and meditation with the goal of releasing energy that no longer serves you and taking on a new perspective. She completed her 300 hour teacher training at the Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali and has a background in trauma informed yoga and yoga for recovery, teaching in treatment centers and advocating for mental health resources in the music industry.