Somatic Revelations w/ Joshua Flores

June 21, 6:30-9:00pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Rebuilding mind/ body connection

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Registration deadline: 06/21/2022 at 5:15 pm

Somatic Revelations Workshop: Rebuilding Mind/Body Connection

Rebuilding mind/body connection through yoga therapy, Dance therapy, self expression, and meditation.

Expect to join in on various healing movement modalities like cathartic dance, Tai chi, restorative yoga/stretching, lots of breathing technique, and interoceptive exercises to build a strong and deeper relationship to self.


Joshua Flores

Joshua has trained in various movement styles including: modern/post modern dance, movement theater, power & restorative yoga, martial arts, and movement meditation.

He is a performance artist combining his love of dance/theater with architecture, music, and multimedia platforms. His work centers around the commentary of social equality, mental health, and environmental conservation ect.

It was firstly in his fascination with art therapies that led him through his own healing journey of emotional trauma, anxiety, and bullying. Having remained dedicated to the investigation of self, he was able to unearth the magic of homogenizing energetic awareness with breath control, and movement therapy.

By combining traditional Eastern practices with modern movement therapy techniques he found the sweet of spot where Mind meets Body in a safe, structured, and serendipitous space! Thus, the creation on Somatic Revelations was born…


Investment in You:

$45 – general admission

50% off for studio members (those who are on auto pay and1 year prepaid)

Bonus!!! Sign up for workshop (full price) and complimentary class pass will be added to your account. We suggest you to use it for Moving Meditation class with Joshua before the workshop but, of course, it can be used for any other class in the nearest future.

Join us for IN-STUDIO practice! Mask optional. Bring your mat. Do register at least 1h before the class. If you feel sick, don’t book a class. Late cancel and no show policies still apply. Register: here.




Joshua Flores

Joshua Flores is a 400RYT who specializes in therapeutic movement techniques that include modern dance/yoga therapy, primal / somatic movement, and movement meditation. He brings his knowledge of dance, Reiki, and breathwork to all his classes for a traditional yet uniquely styled combination of modalities. His mission as an instructor is to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves perhaps once neglected. He aims to share tools with his students to further their personal development mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.