Creation and Self Expression through Movement w/ Joshua Flores

January 29, 11:30am-2:00pm


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Re-Stream, Live at Studio

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Come join us for the launch Somatic Movement event series! We will unearthing truths about the body and mind. How they correlate to each other and how we can give them tools to work together!

Introduction – community circle with paper/pen to write down intentions for the day and goals for the month of December. We take this time to share and go over the template for the workshop and why everyone has come to the event.

Warmups – pranayama leading into a small vinyasa flow to incorporate variation and repetition of asanas to get everyone used to matching breath to movement which will lead into somatic free form movement that ultimately comes back to traditional yoga asana sequence.

Somatic Technique – introducing small somatic movement exercises focused on collecting/releasing energy, building mind/body connection, and developing self awareness that will lead into more free form movement and a few minutes of free form dance.

Restorative Movement – after shaking up all the energy in the body we get back on the floor and go inward with restorative yogic technique to feel the subtle shifts happening in ourselves.

Meditation – finishing the workshop with a guided meditation focused on the theme and the chakras.

Closing Circle – using this time for everyone to journal their experience, share any findings through the workshop and connect with each other in safe space.

LOGISTICS – wear comfy cloths, have your vaccination card or negative Covid test (48h) ready upon arrival, please bring your journal or piece of paper, bring your own yoga mat. We suggest you to plan to join in person or livestream class 10-15 min before start time. Any questions – email us


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Join us for IN-STUDIO practice! Wear a mask. Bring your mat. Do register at least 1h before the class. If you feel sick, don’t book a class. Late cancel and no show policies still apply. Register:


Join us for LIVESTREAM classes from the comfort of your home and/ or workspace! Sign up at least 30 min before the session and Zoom link to live class will be emailed to you. If you can’t make this time, the class is recorded and you can practice it later (please send us a request for recorded class to, 48 hour access). Register:



Joshua Flores

Joshua Flores is a 400RYT who specializes in therapeutic movement techniques that include modern dance/yoga therapy, primal / somatic movement, and movement meditation. He brings his knowledge of dance, Reiki, and breathwork to all his classes for a traditional yet uniquely styled combination of modalities. His mission as an instructor is to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves perhaps once neglected. He aims to share tools with his students to further their personal development mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.