Summer Sun-Skaras 4 week challenge: Let’s get our S#* together, May 23-June 19

May 23 – June 19
4 week challenge – “Let’s get our S#*! together”
Why Summer Sun-Skaras?
Samskaras are subtle impressions of our past actions which we are able to change if we do desire to do so. The negative samskaras can be deleted, provided you to capture those bright moments when the positive samsakaras are in the full bloom.

Summer Sun-Skaras is a 4 week supported journey for you to claim your freedom by challenging yourself to break away from old unnecessary patterns.

How to participate?
Sign up for the challenge by adding your name on Summer Sun-Skaras poster at the studio and track your progress with stars. You get one star for each class you take and an X-tra 2 stars for each weekly challenge you have completed.

The participant who gets the most stars will be the winner and will receive 1st place prize. We will also have 2nd and 3d place prizes. In case there is more than one winner, we will roll the dice to choose the prize.

If you complete weekly challenges, your name will be entered in the drawing. Each week 2 participants will be able to claim the prizes.

What are the weekly challenges?

Week 1 05/23-05/29
• Take at least 2 6:00am classes or bring a friend (it’s on us) to each class (min. 3 classes)
Week 2 05/30-06/05
• Take classes from 3 different instructors
week 3 06/06-06/12
• Take 3 lunch time (12pm) classes, or 3 evening classes (5:45pm, 6:15pm or 7:00pm)
Week 4 06/13-06/19
• Take 1 Earth Bound Yoga, 1 Moving Meditation and 1 Physio Toning Lab class

What are the prizes?

1st place
Seattle Seaplanes scenic flight for 2

2nd place
RomanRiveraPhotography 1h photo shoot

3rd place
Private Class at Datza Studios with instructor of your choice & bottle of Champaign (throw a Yoga Funk party for your friends or claim it all to yourself – power hour at it’s finest)

Weekly prize winners will be announced every Friday via Instagram, and will be posted in the studio as well. Weekly challenge prizes will be selected randomly and include: Datza Studios Shirt, Datza Studios 2 week pass (if you are on autopay or prepaid plan – we will prorate your payment), Armistice $25 gift card, The Ride 2 week pass, Sakara CBD chocolate, City Sweats 1 infrared detox session, Elli-vated goods 5 mini jar pack, Molly Ray $50 gift card.

p.s. Social media lovers – follow us on Instagram, tag the studio during the challenge, use hashtags #summersunskaras #yogaineastlake & #datzastudios and you will be entered in drawing to win a mystery bag created by our studio staff.