The Fire Within: Meeting Consciousness through Creativity

October 22, 5:00-9:00pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

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A community festival brought to you by Halim Flowers and Lara Sanderson to spread Halim’s “LOVE Revolution” and usher in boundary blurring, genre-bending, culture re-creation through music, poetry, fashion, yoga, cross sector non-divisive communication, live art demonstration and auction.

This celebration is designed to re-write and re-wire the current narrative of our world and promote uplifting values for all people everywhere!

You don’t want miss this mind-expanding, heart-opening experience.


Meet Halim

Halim Flowers is co-founder and former chief strategy officer at Unchained Media Collective, a social impact production company that empowers currently and formerly incarcerated people as storytellers and advocates.

Halim was born and raised in Washington, DC, then known as the “murder capital,” during the crack era. He was sentenced to 40 years to life for a crime he was involved in at age 16. In 2019, he was released after successfully petitioning for resentencing after 22 years behind bars.

Halim’s personal mission is to empower those in the same situation that defined his life, being incarcerated as a child in an adult prison system focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. A passionate social entrepreneur, he launched his own publishing company, SATO Communications, while incarcerated at age 24. His 11 books have been distributed globally and are used in classrooms nationwide to discuss the impact of incarceration on young people.

He has taken numerous college classes in business and sociology, and plans to complete his bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University through the Prisons and Justice Initiative.



Meet Lara

Lara Sanderson – Before leaving the traditional work world to study yoga full-time, Lara accrued over fifteen years of experience in nonprofit organizations, private industry, and political organizing. She has worked on a variety of issue initiatives and political campaigns in research and communications, fund development, and government relations.

In 2006, a American Marshall Memorial Fellowship sent Lara on exchange to a number of European countries, significantly expanding her understanding of transatlantic relations and enabling her to help create new forms of collaboration in the fields of higher education and community affairs.

Personal investment projects with her husband Jeff have included a variety of social businesses centered in food, housing, and the arts, promoting the well-being of people and the environments in which they live.

Past volunteer projects include tutoring young girls in Seattle’s low-income neighborhoods and teaching poetry and writing to Seattle’s homeless population.

In 2011, Lara began a process of spiritual re-awakening. The commonly accepted forms of success were fading in her estimation. She saw that the rapid changes taking place in the world were to involve crises that would shake the Western capitalist model to its core.

The same year, she lost her only sister to an overdose. Her budding spiritual awareness, coupled with grief, prompted deepening a commitment to the path of meditation. Dedicating herself full-time to its study and practices, Lara has never looked back. Her current writing projects include more publicly sharing what, until now, has been a solitary journey.

Lara’s wish for the world is that everyone develops the inherent power that resides within. She believes that when individuals master peace, so too, will the communities of the world.



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Halim Flowers & Lara Sanderson