Vibe High on your own Supply: 14 Day Treasure Hunt

September 17-30


Class Type: Live at Studio

Happy hormone Treasure Hunt

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Registration deadline: 09/30/2022 at 1:00 am

Care free, refreshing yet nourishing 14 day adventure to Fall into Fun and to connect with simpler energies in life that brings you joy and peace, focus on what you do have instead of what you lack, step away from scarcity into abundance.

Step on earth away from chaos and vibe high on your own supply.

Vibe High on Your own Supply: Fall into Fun

Datza & Annie have created a 2 week Happy Hormone adventure around beautiful Lake Union for YOU. Just in time to embrace the change of seasons.

During this treasure hunt, we will be raising our frequencies and boosting dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins (happy hormones… then ones who help you vibe high on our own supply).

Changing the way you show up, respond and experience the world within and around you. Why not embrace yourself? Something what you deeply desire and really want and yet, often to run away from.


Challenge starts on Saturday, September 17 but you can join the fun later, just keep in mind that the last day of the challenge is Friday, September 30.

Investment in you: your time.

To get a star for every task, you need to complete the task and post a picture on your Instagram newsfeed or stories and tag @datzastudios as well as #datzastudios. If you are not on social media, join our Community space, head to topic “ Vibe High on your own . Click here to join Datza studios Community space.

We will have 3 prizes for the ones who will earn the most stars (prize list will be announced by Friday, September 15). Each participant will get a luxurious dose of happy hormones.

  1. Walk, run or bike around Lake Union
  2. Walk or run Eastlake Stairs (behind Grand Central bakery)
  3. Take Physio Toning Lab at Datza Studios
  4. Eat a healthy meal (our favorite Ba Bar)
  5. Take an Evening Chill or Earth Bound Yoga at Datza Studios
  6. Take Introduction to Meditation w/ Annie at Datza Studios Monday, September 26, 8:00pm
  7. Play a board game at local park with your friend (e.g. Gas Works, Fairview park)
  8. Take one early morning class at Datza Studios (7:15am or 8:00am)
  9. Spend some time with plants at Datza Studios Flora section and take a creative picture, who knows you might walk out with new plant baby
  10. Take a luxurious bath
  11. Try a new activity on Lake Union waters (paddle board, kayak, Ice Cream boat, Electric boat)
  12. Make art reflecting your favorite happy hormone (e.g. song, poem, drawing, water painting)
  13. Attend Datza Studios Open House on Saturday, September 17, 11:00am-4:30pm
  14. Find an activity which boost your Oxytocin and post a picture

* Bonus star – take a dip in Lake Union waters


Side note: If you are new to studio, register for the event and we will email you unique promo code for 1 month new client offer with discounted rate.