Cosmic Glow for Everybody (Cannabis infused Yoga & Ayurvedic Facial) – date tba in May

Natalie Schnelle and Maia Willow bring their expertise to Datza Studios in this sensory mind freeing experience.  Enjoy a cannabis infused yoga flow lead by Datza wrapping up the journey with a therapeutic facial.

Natalie a professional in the cannabis industry will explain the benefits of thus plant, including how endorphins are released during use and how a body high can make us more engaged in our physical body.  Cannabis incorporated in yoga is sure to lead to a sensory experience!  There will be samples of CBD, which is a great anti-inflammatory and calming product as well.

Maia, a holistic esthetician licensed from Gary Manuel Aveda will offer a therapeutic facial to further the relaxation process.

Experience a gateway to your truest self!  Bring on the cosmic glow created by expanding your consciousness and physical sensation.  Join us for education, expansion and elevation in this one of a kind workshop.

Maia: co-fonder of Wellness by Willow

Natalie: Cannabis retail professional, representative of Pot Shop


Doors open 4:10am & lock promptly at the start of the event

Limited to 12 participants

Must be 21+ to register