Virtual Yoga Project// Destination: CHILL w/ Carie Martin, date tba

How is everyone out there doing?

The universe is vast, and yet still so intricately connected. Let’s take the opportunity to journey inward, in community, and slow down to settle in to these new patterns, and ways of life. In this nourishing yin practice, we’ll explore our bodies, thoughts, and emotions through different angles, working to better resonate with the world at large. We’ll begin with some breathwork to draw us present and unite us, and then we’ll settle in for a cozy practice of stillness. Our practice will end with a long savasana as we marinate in the flow of energy we’ve attuned to, and before we say goodbye, as an option, two journal prompts will be given to encourage you to take the work forward with you, back out into time and space.

New to yin yoga? Primarily done on the floor, this meditative practice is best done with cold muscles. Unlike a vinyasa or hatha practice, poses are held for longer periods of time (typically 5-7 minutes) to allow the body to settle in and integrate the feedback that arises. The use of blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks or other props is strongly encouraged – you can grab some couch cushions, an extra yoga mat, folded towels, or anything else you might have handy, no special clothes are needed. Come exactly as you are.



Register at least 1h before the session via

Link to the live streaming will be sent to you 30 min before the session.

$15 drop in, complimentary for studio member’s (those who are on auto pay or 1 year prepaid plan).