Embodied Astrology Circle w/ Jazmin Rambeau & Maia Willow

May 5, 1:00-2:30pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Astrology + Guided Visualization + Journaling + Skincare

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Registration deadline: 05/04/2024 at 12:00 pm

Join us for an Embodied Astrology Circle to explore the energy of the cosmos while enhancing your radiance with high-vibe skin care. Jazmin will share insights about the current astrology, and offer a guided visualization along with journaling prompts to help you connect with your intuition. Maia will teach simple face massage techniques to cultivate healthy skin and well- being. Through aromatherapy and reiki charged high-vibe skincare, you will leave feeling empowered in your mind, body, and spirit.

The Taurus New Moon will support you in setting long-term intentions that align with your values and heart. Taurus is Fixed Earth energy that is ruled by the planet Venus. We are harnessing this grounded and loving energy to support our goals and enhance our self-care rituals.

Through visualization, journaling, and guided facial massage, you will deepen your connection to your Spirit and tap into your natural beauty. Additionally, Maia will offer complimentary skin consults after class and have her skin potions available for sale with a special discount.

Investment in You: $49 through May 1 / $55 the day of the event/ 10% studio members (those who are on auto pay & 1 year prepaid plan) & students and military


Facilitators: Jazmin Rambeau & Maia Purcell

Jazmin (Jaz) Rambeau is an astrologer, yoga teacher, and speech-language pathologist. She specializes in improving communication skills and empowering people with the clarity they need to live the life of their dreams. Through all of her offerings, from individual readings to workshops and retreats, Jaz focuses on connection—connection to Spirit, connection to community, and connection to oneself. 

As a holistic esthetician, Maia’s journey towards serving others in skincare and wellness started with a passion to help people achieve wellness in their everyday life.

After completing a degree in education from University of Washington and teaching for several years, Maia’s focus evolved to the emotional and spiritual realm of helping others through a long-standing interest in esthetics and the connection to mind, body,
and spirit. After becoming a certified esthetician, Maia healed her skin through her products and shifting her energy along with her mindset. Inspired, she later started her own natural skincare and wellness business.

Maia makes her products in ritual, infused with crystals, all natural plant botanicals, and essential oils. Charged with healing reiki energy to empower healing and beauty from the inside out through sustainable therapeutic skincare.


Jazmin Rambeau & Maia Purcell