Conscious Connected Breathwork w/ Alyda O’hUigin

May 4, 3:00-6:00pm


Class Type: Live at Studio

Yoga + Conscious Connected Breathwork

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Registration deadline: 05/04/2024 at 11:00 am

Ground & Blossom – Nurture Growth with the Taurus New Moon

Awaken your potential to bloom through a grounding yoga sequence to engage the muscles that support your breath, followed by a conscious breathing technique that nourishes your inner garden and fosters an openness to the blossoming potential within you.

Conscious connected breathwork is a self-healing technique that supports access to the fullest potential of the breathing system for increased well-being, interconnectedness, and self-exploration. In this experience, you will be guided in a 3-part breathing pattern: two balanced inhales filling the abdomen then chest, followed by a relaxed exhale; along with opportunities for breath retention to emerge beyond the perceived limits of your potential and unlock deeper states of self-discovery. But first, we’ll prime our bodies with gentle movement to warm the breathing muscles and create the foundation for this transformative experience.

Alydha has graduated from Rasa Yoga 200hr Teacher Training with Greta Hill & Breathwork Facilitator Training with Tai Hubbert.

Pre registration is highly suggested.

This event has a capacity of 10 participants at $70 per person. BIPOC and Datza members receive 10% off.



Alyda O’hUigin

Alyda combines the benefits of yoga & conscious connected breathwork to create space for healing and expansion. She also enjoys evolutionary astrology, cycle synching, and connecting in community. (landscape pictures attached)