Soothing Sleep: Mind & Energy Healing Practices to Drift to Sleep w/ Susana DuMett

March 16 & 23, 6:45-9:00pm

$150 - $165

Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Live at Studio

Energy Healing to drift to sleep

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Registration deadline: 03/16/2023 at 5:00 pm

Does sleep elude you? With everything going on in the world, in our communities, and personal lives trouble sleeping is becoming more common. Yet, we need it more than ever to really rest, recover, process, and rejuvenate in mind, body, and spirit–and be able to be in our full clarity and personal power.

Datza Studio and hypnotherapist-energy practitioner Susana DuMett invite you to experience two deeply relaxing evenings learning ways we can tend to our inner worlds and help ourselves settle into more relaxation and sleep–March 16 and 23, plus a bonus extended guided sleep journey on March 30. This series is in collaboration with  Datza Yoga Studios.

  • The first two sessions are designed to tend to the nervous system, whirring thoughts, soul concerns and clearing of underlying things that may be contributing to restless nights.
  • During the series Datza will lead us through a powerful exercise to realign your vagus nerve.
  • The third session is dedicated to a deeply relaxing journey guided by Susana to help you relax into sleep.
  • You will receive a relaxing sleep hypnosis recording you can use beyond the series.

Susana is licensed hypnotherapist, energy healing practitioner, spiritual counselor, and emotion and energy mastery mentor who works with people who have sleep issues, overt or underlying anxiety, and trouble releasing the emotions and energy of others, including the stress of work, and the world at large.

All sessions offered live online. If you like you can join Susana and Datza in for the first session, March 9, at Datza Yoga Studio in Seattle but the session will also be offered online, as a live stream.


Investment in You: $165 for the series/ early registration by March 10 – $150.00/ 15% studio members (those who are on auto pay or 1 year pre-paid plan).

Registration deadline: March 16, 2:00pm.


Susana DuMett

Susana is a fun and experienced facilitator and is passionate about helping people understand and experience the power of energy healing. She is a licensed energy healer hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, energy mastery coach, and voice and sound healing mentor. Learn more about her at