Flow & Roll – Charity Fundraiser, Saturday, September 28, 9:15-10:15am

In honor of National Yoga Month join us in partnership with PLUS One Foundation, a Seattle based organization dedicating this special yoga hour of FLOW & MYOFASCIAL RELEASE to raise awareness and funds for the organization.

National Yoga Month was designed to educate about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to partner with PLUS One Foundation that assists children and adults with neurological injury, disease or disorder achieve goals, expand opportunities & feed the soul through activities that offer education, rehabilitation and training.

The class will be taught by Elizabeth and Vivian, and after class enjoy Elli-Vated goods smoothie. There will be a presentative from the foundation as well who will talk about what they do. *Make a date with someone and register early as space is limited.

*If you would be inclined to donate, please with bring a check (addressed to PLUS One Foundation) or cash – we will have a donation drop box at the studio, or donate directly at the site > https://www.plusonefoundation.org Your support is greatly appreciated.


Saturday, September 28, @9:15am

Register: https://datzastudios.pike13.com/e/108494621


Myofascial release (MFR) is a gentle soft tissue manipulation approach clinically effective whether self-applied, or provided as a part of a therapeutic interventions. It is a technique to repair and keep the fascia healthy. MYO means muscles, while FASCIA is the connective tissues that surrounds/ encloses muscles found underneath the skin.
What MFR does:
1.Release Tension
2. Restores collagen fibers
3. Reduces and removes adhesion