Physio Toning Lab feat. PowerFlo, October 20, 10:30-11:45am

PowerFlo is Seattle’s first movement therapy flow where participants can choose to apply Elixicure CBD lotion on specific muscles/joints for more powerful and penetrating pain relief. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing techniques while learning how to enhance one’s overall mind to muscle connection for increased strength, stability and flow state.

We’ll begin with some foundational breathing and spinal bracing exercises to prime ourselves for 15 minutes of continuous healing through feeling, led by Rod who has been trainer for two decades. After getting cozy with our bodies, Datza will guide you through 60 min Physio Toning Lab.

Elixicure is a 100% plant-based pain relief topical infused with premium CBD extract ensuring the full-spectrum of benefits to help reduce: joint pain, inflammation, swelling, stings, burns and mild forms of eczema & arthritis. All products are non-gmo, vegan, cruelty free, certified GMP (good manufacturing practices) & BSCG (banned substances control group) and conveniently sold as a roll-on or hand pump.

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