Sacred Circle w/ Shakti Revolution: New Moon ritual

March 14, 6:00-7:00pm


Class Type: Livestream via Zoom, Live at Studio

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Monthly Sacred Circles

These monthly gatherings are to help us connect, release, nurture, and explore together. Sometimes we will be going over different rituals & ceremonies from all traditions. Other times, we will be working through what is going on in the collective consciousness, or deeply within each other.

Each gathering is intuitively guided by what Sara Wolf receives that month.

You can expect to create new friends, heal past wounds, gain clarity for your path, learn new techniques for self healing, break bread(or chocolate virtually) and enrich this community bond!

***This sacred space is to hold

ALL in respect & Love. There will be no tolerance of gossip, or harmful talk/actions towards others. This IS a space of healing, non-judgement, and unconditional love from me and Datza Studios as your hosts.***

March Topic: New Moon Ritual

What: An auspicious (good luck) time to start anew. Plant seeds of intention, start new projects, relationships, jobs, contracts, etc… by honoring our natural rhythms with nature. La Luna (Ms Moon) is the darkest in the night sky. From here she will grow adding light and nurturing what we plant. Amplifies our manifesting powers. Maiden & Mother Archetypes.


We are nature. The same elements that make up the moon & stars are also in us. We flow best and most easily when we are in tune with this energy. This new moon will be in Pisces, which will bring forth daydreaming and getting in touch with our inner voice through overcoming fears and profound healing.


Led by Sara Gypsy Wolf in sacred ritual to plant seeds specific to your life’s journey. We invite anyone who is interested or called to this ritual. You can make it as specific or general as you like.