Virtual Yoga Project// Summer Solstice Celebration

June 20, 10:30am - 12:00pm

Did you know that June 20 is the first day of the summer?

This year the June solstice will occur on Saturday, June 20, and it marks the official beginning of summer.The earth is at the point of its orbit when the Northern Hemisphere is closest to the sun, causing the longest day (the longest period of light) and shortest night of the calendar year.

We are here to celebrate all the way and beyond!!!

Join us for our annual Summer Solstice Celebration: 90 min livestreamed yoga practice from the rooftop – if weather permits.


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Datza, Elizabeth, Emily and Michelle will guide you through three rounds of  their variation of sun salutations (a total of twelve: one for each month). Richard will round out the practice with a cool down flow and special summer solstice guided meditation.

Register at least 30 min before the event to get your Zoom link.

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