Summer Sun-skaras: 7 day wellness Journey


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Summer Sun-skaras : Seven Day Wellness Journey

“Let’s support change together”/ July 27 – August 2


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Why Summer Sun-skaras?

Samskaras are subtle impressions of our past actions, which we are able to change if we desire to do so. The negative samskaras we carry can be deleted, provided we capture bright moments when our positive samskaras are in full bloom.

This is our second year of Summer Sun-skaras. And life is a little different than most of us were anticipating. No matter what, we are still masters of our destiny, so let’s keep being us and let’s support change together!

We are here to support you in a week-long journey to claim your freedom and challenge yourself to break away from old unnecessary patterns.

How to participate?

Sign up by Sunday, July 26 –

Take seven classes in seven days. You earn one star for each practice!

You also have the option to earn extra stars by committing to new wellness rituals. Details about these ritual ideas will be sent to you via email on July 26.

The participant who gets the most stars will be the winner and will receive a private chiropractic adjustment with Alliance Healing Arts. In case there is more than one winner, we will roll dice to choose a winner. We will have a surprise gift for the runner up too!



You have completed a seven day wellness journey and want to keep going? We encourage you to challenge yourself and extend your daily practice and wellness rituals to thirty-one days. Everyone who practices daily for thirty-one days will get a one month unlimited membership. The winner of the thirty-one day challenge will also receive a massage or reiki session with Vital Roots Holistic Health. We will have a surprise gift for the runner up too!