Virtual Energy Clearing & Crystal Reading w/ Yasmine (Crystal Wellness Company)

10/16/2020 at 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

$25 (20% studio members – those who are on prepaid year plan or monthly auto pay)

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Moon phases are high energy which allow you to recharge, realign and start fresh. New moon is a lunar phase on October 16. 2020. Why not spend your time in short meditation and learning how to choose and use crystals?

This class begins with a guided light breathwork meditation w/ Datza.

After the breathwork, Yasmine will teach you all about energy, energy clearing, energy hygiene, and demonstrate the various tools (crystals included!) used to support this practice.

Each participant will also receive a Crystal reading before the end of class!

*Yasmine founded the Crystal Wellness Company in 2019, from a passion for creating human connection and learning moments through experiences. She is a Certified Reiki Master specializing in Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki, she is also Certified in Sound Healing, is trained in Breathwork, and is currently a student of Shamanism.