Introduction to Meditation w/ Annie (Yo Yo Yoga)

September 26, 8:00-8:35pm


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Registration deadline: 09/26/2022 at 7:00 pm

Join us Monday, Sept 26th for our vibe high on your own supply intro to meditation session with Annie Evasick of Yo Yo Yoga.

Meditation has been proven to improve several cognitive benefits from an increased ability to focus, less wandering of the mind, more positive emotions, less emotional reactivity, and many other benefits.

Like the body, the mind also needs its share of nourishment. It is impossible to separate the mind and body, both are interconnected and to look after one is to look after the other. Meditation allows us to experience overall well-being and bliss. This is due to the fact that practising meditation releases… ( you guessed it) .. HAPPY HORMONES in the body!

In this session, Annie will share her meditation knowledge and guide us through a beginner friendly meditation using breath as our object of focus.

As we meditate together embracing the stillness we will get high on our own supply releasing happy hormones and neurotransmitters, triggering endorphin release as well as dopamine, serotonin and melatonin.

Let go of all judgement on yourself and others.. Bring a notebook if you’d like to take notes and journal your experience.

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Class will be live in studio as well as livestream. Livestream link will be sent to everyone who register for the session, 1h before the start. If you choose to attend in person, please arrive 10 min before the class to get yourself situated.

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